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Who we are

Our main purpose is to provide the local community with activities and events that create opportunities and increase knowledge of their local area increasing local involvement and empowering communities to become more aware of how they can contribute to their community.

Our philosophy

To create projects, events and activities that aim to achieve positive outcomes, understand the communities needs and build on the strengths and knowledge of local people, using music, film, heritage projects and events as a platform to increase community engagement and understanding.

The Forgotten & Untold Heritage of Ponders End from 1935 - 1950
<p> This heritage project captures the lives and experiences of people living in the Ponders End pre, during and after the Second World War. The project offers free heritage training to local schools, organisations and individuals through London Metropolitan Archive and Oral History Society and Enfield Studies Department encouraging those involved to develop heritage skills that document the stories and archival material from this period.
By working with local elders, schools and volunteers one of the main goals of the project is to build an intergenerational and culturally diverse project that fosters appreciation and respect of others and captures the heritage of this period before it is lost forever, encouraging the community to be proud of its past and current achievements.</p>
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R.A.P. - Raising Aspirations Project for 16-25 year olds
<p>The RAP project is a music project that seeks to encourage young people to learn to play an instrument and play music with in 'live-setting' with others. The project philosophy is based on a belief that in areas such as Ponders End its is assumed that young people from preconceived stereotypical backgrounds do not have an interest in learning to play an instrument or create a band developing their musical craft. Niburu feel strongly feel this is a reflection of the over use of digital music and the music industry's drive towards money and not belief that music is one of the contributing factors to healing society or setting it on the correct path. Current music industry trends have in some senses dumb down our young peoples potential to contribute great things to our society.
Links<br><a href='http://network.youthmusic.org.uk/users/niburu-music'>http://network.youthmusic.org.uk/users/niburu-music</a><br>
<a href='https://www.facebook.com/Niburu-465093026837138/'>https://www.facebook.com/Niburu-465093026837138/</a></p>
The Alma Film Project
Niburu Media had the privilege of being commissioned to film the visit of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and his wife as they went to visit Haringey Mencap and watch the Olympic Torch arrive. Not many people get that opportunity.
Over 60's Film & Video Workshops
<p>Does being 60 mean you're over the hill?</p><p>A project that encouraged local elders to develop their skills in using camera, tablets and their phones to make films.
<a href='https://www.facebook.com/Niburu-465093026837138'>https://www.facebook.com/Niburu-465093026837138/</a></p>
The Stop & Search Project
More information & links to follow.


Volunteer Opportunities

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities on all our projects. All our volunteer travel expenses to the organisation we send you are refunded.

So if you just have an interest in the local area or are studying or research paper for higher education or wish for your school or class to be involved as part of their National or Extra curricular studies please contact us:

The Forgotten & Untold Heritage of Ponders End from 1935 - 1950
• Heritage Researchers<br>
Choose a subject from the time period and gather material from a variety of sources such as: London Metropolitan Archive, TUC Library or Enfield Studies Department or Oral History Interviews.
• Developing Educational Resources<br>
Creative Writers: For those who like to or have the skill to take the facts and tell them in a dramatic way this form of volunteering could suit you and help us encourage others to become interested in learning more about Ponders End.
• Creating Walks and Bomb Maps from the period<br>
Do you have graphic design skills or knowledge and experience of creating these types leaflets and would like to contribute to the project.
• Developing Games for a Younger Audience e.g. a Ponders End Monopoly Board<br>
Inviting a school or your class to become involved in creating something that would encourage their peers to be involved or get a better understanding of Ponders End heritage.
Oral History Roles
• Interviewer<br>
Ask questions on the life stories of local people and develop your understanding of peoples lives in Ponders End from the people who lived through it during and after World War Two. 
• Camera operators<br>
If you wish to develop your camera skills or just learn more about camera work, we have opportunities available. 
</p><p>Please contact us for details on: Photography & graphic design volunteer position.</p>
R.A.P Project
<p>We have volunteer opportunities for tutors in music or those who wish to learn more about music tutoring and would like to assist.</p>
The Alma Film Project
Volunteer opportunities for:</p><p>
• People with stories about the Alma Estate<br>
• Film makers and editors<br>
• Administrators<br>
• Or anyone who just wants to get involved.</p>
Living With Autism In Enfield
Niburu Media were commissioned in 2012 by Enfield Council to make a film which looks at issues facing parents of children with Autism. The film highlights the impact, journey and triumphs of Enfield families.
The Importance of Play
To prove the importance of play as an important provision for young people in the Enfield area. Niburu were commissioned to film and interview young people and staff about the importance of play to the local community. The film is being used a tool to evidence this need and to pre-empt any possibility of the service being cut. As quoted in the film 'when cuts are made play is one of the first services to suffer as children do not have a voice. Through this film they do now.Play
Haringay Mencap Royal Visit
Niburu Media had the privilege of being commissioned to film the visit of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and his wife as they went to visit Haringey Mencap and watch the Olympic Torch arrive. Not many people get that opportunity.
Niburu Media were commissioned to create a TV Chanel style program as an infomercial for parents with learning disabilities informing them of services available to them in the local area. Niburu used a signer on this piece.
Albany beacon celebration
Part of the national event celebrating the Queens Silver Jubilee held in Enfield's Albany Park.
Formerly Edmonton Carnival the Spellbound Carnival proved to be an amazing 2 days and an incredibly victory for community and partnership working.
Lock to Lock
The first ever Lock 2 Lock Festival starting at the Navigation Inn (Ponders End) and finishing at Enfield Lock. The festival highlighted this incredible natural resource on our doorstep with riverboat ferries, stalls, water-based activities ending with a music festival in Enfield Lock.
Respect For Enfield
After the riots in August 2011, Niburu were commissioned by Enfield Council to film the conference that looked at the reasons and the issues that brought about such devastation to the borough. All the major players attended. A big moment for our company as it meant we had arrived in the sense that we were now a film company being taken seriously in the local area.<br><br>For those attending the conference it was first step towards finding the building blocks for putting the community back together and finding the ongoing solutions to help take the right action for a better future for all.
Parent Engagement Panel
As part of the initiative to discover reasons for the riots in 2011, the Parent Engagement Panel held a conference and commissioned Niburu to film the event and make a short documentary around their work their aims.<br><br>Local Parents, Enfield Council related organisations and agencies met in a much needed opportunity for debate and discussion.
Safeguarding Conference
A conference put together by the young people of Enfield looking at help advice and organisations that provide support on Safeguarding.
A pop video using young people from the local community who performed and co-wrote the acting sequences.
The Village
The Village is a short horror style film developed with the Enfield Youth Service and NIburu Media. The participants are from Enfield Highland Village.
Leverton Hall: FAM, Transitions + Open Unit
Niburu Media were commissioned by Leverton Hall to provide a 12-week media-training course to their students/residents. Working with a group of young people on a variety of court orders was an extremely challenging experience. But the films produced proved to be an incredible and valuable lesson for all involved. Three films were produced (with certification) that helped staff and students understand the complexities of each others lives and get a clearer understanding of the pressures of being in a secure unit. This film focuses on the transition from a secure unit to an open unit, where more freedom is given to a young person and the opportunity to become more independent and make their own decisions can be a testing time for all. In the final film the focuses is on the hopes and aspirations of a different set of young people. Who answer questions with honesty and an eye on their own behaviour and motivations.
NOCN Project
A1010 Project (X4)
Lawrence is an established retailer in Angel Edmonton offering high-end mens clothing. With his business established well-over 30 years Lawrence has seen many changes to the local area and has some forward thinking insights for growing the potential for a more motivated and diverse market. Mahesh has been running his retail store for over 30 years. He has seen it all so to speak and has had to adapt to changing needs of retail in the local area. Having been around when the larger retail stores where in the area and business was booming.
Fare Share Trust Evaluation

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